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share your vision, while under the influence

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[17 Jan 2009|03:05pm]


Click on the picture above to join a new community for stoners!

If you love reading about the stupid shit that people do when stoned then this is the place. Post your own silly stories, c'mon, you know you have some! Feel free also discuss your crazy stoner theories!

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Dramamine madness and DPH magic [04 Jan 2009|03:22pm]

I had a plane trip to my college, and being the dumbass I am, I wanted to make the trip interesting by tripping, but the only thing they had at the convenience store was Dramamine, except 2 packs of NyQuil (which has acetaminophen anyway). I took like 480g of Dramamine before getting on the plane. Holy shit, dude, I was lucky that the chick sitting next to me was sleeping. First, I felt like I couldn't breathe for shit and I kept making weird gargling noises. Then I thought the flight attendant was a werewolf for some reason and the woman sitting across the aisle from me was Judi Dench (I was also sure she wanted to kill me). The carpet turned into a liquid and my fingers kept getting longer and longer. I stared into my coke for probably an hour, because faces kept coming up in it. I heard tons of voices, singing, etc, however, I couldn't hear my own voice and I was freaking out, I was sure I was going to die and that I had gone deaf and I didn't realize that most of my hallucinations weren't real.

I came down pretty fast, and ended up being super mellow and had a slight headache and nausea. I felt better standing than sitting down made me feel really heavy.

Several hours later, in my dorm, I wanted to get high on DXM (I know, so quickly... not a great plan) but I once again couldn't find any, since the CVS was closed. One of my room mates had a full box of wal-dryl (48 25mg of DPH). I took half of them, nestled into my bed and watched shows on adult swim. It was awesome-- I felt like I was inside the show the whole time, it seemed like I was completely immersed in it. I had auditory hallucinations, and believed I was still at home and I hadn't gone on the plane at all. I kept getting up and seeing my old room everywhere around me, and I couldn't find anything. I saw shadow men in the corner of my eyes. It was friggin awesome. I slept really well, too.

I don't think I'll ever take delerients at such a high altitude ever again, haha.
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[30 Jul 2006|07:06am]

so I tripped on acid the other day (first time), with my buddy asid. we went to an olympic sized pool and our latin king friend sat on the lifeguard tower proclaiming he was KING DREW!!! Bow down bitchezzz. So we Coup De Tat his punk ass.

I layed on the couch and watched the light on the popcorn ceiling turn from beads to hieroglyphic designs to magots. and every time i stretched I FELT the sound of the scary guy in the horror movies about to get you, like when you hear him, but you cant see him.

In the morning the sunrise was swifting clouds dancing along the 6am rush hour of good samaritan citizens. at 10am at IHOP the sun was FUCKING INTENSE.

Ending up in a park playing with matches in the childrens area some lady showed me she was the boss and called the park ranger, whom I met later on across the street in the pouring rain. Then I realized I was wearing a cowboy hat, how the fuck I got it who knows?

What goes up must come down.

Traveling to a friends house during a sun shower, bad music regarding beef and death, things relevent at the time spiriled my thoughts into a splash pool of tension. SLEEPPP!

Finding myself lost and detached I didnt know what was wrong with me, or why. I kept it to myself but after not too long it came out.

Mind warping.
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xposted [15 Mar 2006|12:15am]

last night i smoked a bunch of purple haze, got in bed, put on a black sleeping mask and just layed in bed for literally 4 hours listening to Tool. it was just...amazing.
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xposted [11 Jan 2006|09:32pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Happy 100th Birthday Inventor of LSD, Albert Hofmann!

Awesome New York Times Article..."Nearly 100 yrs old, LSD's Founder Ponders His 'Problem Child'"
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"The Antecedent" [21 Dec 2005|10:28pm]

An interesting discussion is taking place here regarding the nature of spirits before they manifest in physical form. Make sure you read the entire entry, or you may get lost.


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Consequences of the Unknowable: Prolly Party One [19 Feb 2005|01:27am]

Consequences of Unkowability: Subjectivity Without Knowledge; Where Nothing is Rationed.

Categoreal Abstract

O. -Order Zerom, Zeroness, Chaos, White Noise,

Transdisciplinary Nomenclature: The Unknowable, Hetero-reference, Loss

Pure Objectivity = Profundity = Love

A. Axiomless Abstraction: Profundity
composed conversion: Paradox - Subjectivity
B. Axiological Abstraction: Universion, Subjectivity, Trinity or Triplicity of Divinity, Marked state, The Parameter

A logical domain can be discerned relatively as a communicative contexture or pattern of junctions of factions and functions (in connexus) whence counted by a Principal or Count (ruling and measuring subjective forms) computes as much as confines a creature by means of praxis or dimensionality. From such angels (algebraic factions and function) subjectivity is manifest as inspiration of a living present The creatures define a present world of scene and stage created contextually and concreted constructurally.

I. -Order One, Oneness

Transdisciplinary Nomenclature: Unity, Self-Reference, Identification,
Pure Subjectivity = Subjectivity = Life

A. Axiomless Abstraction: Subjectivity
configured composition: Paradigm - Subjective forms and Eternal objects
B. Axiological Abstraction: Profundity, Hetero-reference, The Unknowable, Unmarked space, The Axiom

An organism or organization can be concerned relevantly within a community of nations and notions

Corporeally Concrescent

This is a corpus since it unifies an authorative body of text into the terminological or teleological subjective orgasm of peak experience, conceptual seeds of utmost potency paving allegorical forests and uncharted wilderness of novel creatures and natures. Colloquial human spirituality is asymmetrical and hence not attractive enough for other organisms to commune with. From brids, bees, heards, seas, every natural finnished product, and far more supernatural principles primordial (elementals; actually elementalities, mathematical tensors, angels) creatures. Human spirituality is underdeveloped in its "in-touch" feelings, dominant are "in-fomed and "in-told" thoughts. Relativity is far more developed than relevancy. The eternal object of culture is community, as the eternal object of life is love, so external is just a bad word.

A paradise is a cog in God, for God doesn't think or cognize, but is in the cog without the ignition since dynamics are a temporeal perversion of the ever-present God given. Creatures-- captured instances of a creator-- are geared up and such is their general predicament. But each cog is an infinitesimal point of reference, the gear being the rationally ["ratio (half diameter)-nally-deter (indicative) -mined (dug)"] determined sphere or ground of reference whose music is the iterative nature (natural process) of the ground; where the gears are characters, the corpus is an ego or communicative subjective form. The cognizing ego-form (egoic subjective form) operates contextually (by its sense of consense) and defines textually. The world of the ego is the social scene constructed by the consensual definition of the interest.
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Greetings [09 Jan 2005|08:15pm]

Just joined, and I thought I would post one of my many "Stoned Revelations":

Besides all this, just remember that Life is just a series of Engrossing Symbols and Patterns of Time, and also why you don't remember very much when you're young is because you don't have any feelings to attach things (people, places, things) so your soul can't paint the lesson it wants to portray to you yet in an engaging, creative way.

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"Our Rig" Cross-posted [27 Dec 2004|10:58pm]

After an incredible soma trip last night from a new source, my set is clear this morning. We’re ready for our [UNMENTIONABLES], just one tab will suffice. It’s a beautiful day. Last night I was conscious enough to exercise in my proper way. Such is colloquially known as ego loss. Last night I wrote an entry of this rentry:

Ego Loss, Loss of Inhibitions is
Characature Loss, Loss of Habit is
Cognitivity [to contrast
The Corporeal Paradigm to contrast
The Categoreal Paradigm, [is a distinction which] offers a
Most Conducive
Actuality [to contrast
(Abstractly, this statement train sits to “Activity,” such as this one, here meaning expression.)
The corporeal paradigm is the parametric community of the physical world

ENTRY And EXIT both stand and fall under RENTRY which can mean “Reality, And Try” but really (can one discuss reality and tangent to a compositional analysis of “really”?) I’m connoting George Spencer-Brown’s “re-entry” of the form into itself. The only problem with Spencer-Brownian form is that, though its general enough to offer conducive vagueness, vagueness itself. I suggest there is a way beyond vagueness in the field of the sequentiality of the sequentiality of subjective form. Such is the motivating intuition of jnana yoga, the intellectual yoga. The subjective form I speak of is attribution, attribution of the present fruits in all their content, as well as the subject of subjectivity as the unmarked space of cognitions, the cognitive weight space or paradigm and all its content, latent profundity as it is relevance rather than relativity, regarding feeling rather than thought, of paradise or paradigm, whatever the parameters. This elucidation is the philosophy of organism or process philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead, a parential figure of Spencer-Brown’s programs, the thesis of which is the “Laws of Form” was written in adolescent defiance. The formality which obscures all this is the fact that Whitehead had confidence to publish the Principia Mathematica as boring as it was, without mentioning about this feminine side, but his personal thesis found in “Process and Reality” takes this unmarked Godliness about which was his religiousness, and stratifies it into (Whitehead does this a lot, making phrases we are to technically acknowledge and adhere to) subjective forms, a whole science of subjectivity. But since these expressions found in “Process and Reality” about subjective forms and concrescence (which is the fact that we make the scene) center around their source which is feeling, corporeal and fundamental, are subordinate in the brain to categoreal and supplemental thought, typical thought, normal thought in its typical place over feelings, things of the heart. But that was Whitehead and Russell’s era of intellectual dominance. That name is its epitome. Now long-gone, that mathematical rigour is replaced by “our rig”. Our rig typifies the atypical profundity, precisely programmed. And that programming is ours. A description of our rig is really, thence secret. But it is most conducive.

The Spencer-Brownian re-entry as invocated by Niklas Luhmann has specifically to do with enlightenment to the holy general parameters of ultimate reality. This is the holiness of religion. The holy act of naming the void. The holy act of signifying God. To re-enter who you are in the definite void of who you are not. In the course of these descriptions, over history, the intellectual function has been isolated as the sequentiality of this “triplicity” way of noting the present, called the intellectual function or merely the intellect, identified by its sequentiality, but prior to characteristic drama, the subjective form is linear process.

The corporeal paradigm is the parametric community of the physical body (called by Whitehead’s process position the organism) note not the perceived body but the physical forces of the actual world. In this community of parameters which is the psychic system or autopoietic system (a term for scientific training), each persistent identification of that system maintains itself-- all these harmonize as the identity of that creature-- and that identity is ultimately in the present moment the unity of subjective forms as subjectivity.

The autopoietic system, the parameters of the paradigm, is the structure of the subjective form in the world of subjectivity.

The subjective form, the identity (parameter) of paradise, is the position of the objective form in the world of objectivity.

The subjective form is the inside of the eternal object. It is an identity apart from ultimate reality, yet it captures its own relative form by freeing the feelings of that structure’s relative position. If the feelings are good, the actual entity is content with the feeling’s particular character and the activity is determined conducive. These thoughts and feelings are the prehensions of the mind; this interior of the present scene. Its exterior is the outside, the objective world constructed. It is made of holes. The holes are energy pathways. But they are themselves apart from the ultimate reality, here approached as objectivity or Profundity, latent rather than content.

Note that you are a creature in a temperature. The prehensions of the creature is a mixture of thought and feeling. The organism describes the way of composition, through organization, and its environment is the fundamental paradigm of supplementation or circumstance. Thence, the rig epitomizes our situation.
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[14 Dec 2004|05:47pm]

Anyone know what risperidone is?
I know that it's used to treat schizophrenia and acute bipolar mania.
And I remember my sister telling me that seriquil did the same thing, and that fucked her up.
So me and two friends are wondering if taking one each would do anything.
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Coming down, no, not today. [30 Oct 2004|01:26pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I just joined about 15 seconds ago.
Halloween in upon us, and everyone is dry on everything except bud.
So me and the girls figure, we'll drink some robotussin, Cuz..why the hell not?

But the question here is, Does smoking pot make you trip harder on stuff like robotussin?
Cuz it works with Acid, but I'm not sure with this.
If anybody knows, That'd be simply wonderful.

oh yeah, and there are cold pills...how many of those do you need to take to make you trip? Cuz that sounds more appealing than drinking robopiss.

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[02 Sep 2004|11:49pm]


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TRIPPINBALLS ON METH. Is this normal? [30 Aug 2004|02:44pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Alright. Crazy shit. I did meth for the first time not too long ago. I did WAY too much for my first time & body weight. I also smoked all this shit out of a pizzo bong thing. Not just a pizzo. A bong with a pizzo attatched to it. Well, I was up for about three days. No food. No sleep. I started seeing & hearing shit that wasn`t there. There was a goose in my room. While trying to fall asleep, I found my self talking to myself thinking I was talkin to my friends. I turned on the light to discover there was no one there. I looked out the back door, and saw millions of blue people carrying spears running throughout my neighborhood and across my yard. I hallucinated a little black kid digging through my pantry then running away when I walked in the kitchen. This happened at 6:00 AM. I`m the kind of person who doesn`t wake up till 12:00/1:00 PM. So here I am twacked out of my mind, barging into every room, waking everybody in the house up, looking under beds, searching for this little black kid who isn`t there. I also saw a mexican guy tokin up in my livingroom. I kept hearing footsteps. I kept thinking it was my mom on her way to my room. I got scared and hid under the covers making it look like I was asleep cuz I didn`t want her to see my eyes. The night that I actually smoked the shit, I was so sparked. My nose kept itching a lot. I found scabs on it the next morning. I kept rubbing my lips together. I would put chapstick on and FIVE minutes later, my lips would be completely dry. the insides of my lips were all scratched up from rubbing against my teeth so much. I couldn`t stop fucking with my hair. My breathing was ragged. My mouth & throat was as dry as the fuckin Sahara. I felt very hot. Food didn`t taste good at all. I couldn`t even eat my favorite foods. My pupils were as big as fuckin pennies. Is all this normal? I`ll never do it again.


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[19 Aug 2004|07:36pm]

Hello Fellow Stoners, Please visit my article on marijuana the ntell me what you think: http://www.livejournal.com/users/usernameniharry/13453.html
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er0tic_femme [25 Jul 2004|04:40pm]




Someone with PSP is needed to make graphics for this community. This person will become a maintainer as well. If you are interested, go here (New window).
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im new [27 Jun 2004|11:38pm]

well hello,,, im kaitie i was born on 4/20 im 16 and i love pot. weed has really warped my living in the best of ways. its enhanced so many experiences. "i believe in a prolonged derangement of the senses to obtain the unknown" -jim morrison,, YIPEE. if youd like to share your high ideas and insights and profound revelations and shit- im your girl. ive got a bag full too waiting for eager ears,, so- WHO HERES EVER BEEN TO A PINK FLOYD LAZER LIGHTS SHOW? does anyone think that subconscious’s can be evil and affect you actions? who here (and why) believes in omens? can someone analyze my creepy ass dream of trying to hit a bong full of avacadoes (my favorite food)? DO ALL WEED BASED REALTIONSHIPS FALL TO HELL? whats ur favorite food to eat whilst ablaze? which do u enjoy more: wake & bake or stone to sleep? HOW MANY of you rely on weed to keep shit alively? who wants to take my high phsyc test (to help me see some character) ??         more later. do comment.
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What Does the Latter Do? [17 Jun 2004|02:48am]


Axiom 1 - Life is polycontexturality.

Axiom 2 - Love is polycontenturality.

... ... ...

Query: What does the latter do?

It gets you higher!

And what does the former do?

It forms of course!

The former is called Subjectivity.

The latter is called Profundity!

- The Conductor
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[22 Mar 2004|08:58pm]

i'm really sick, constantly blowing my nose
last phish show i went to i had a summer cold
i was tripping. i blew my nose for four hours straight once we were back in the jimmy. it was the best feeling, paper towels and all.

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Ecstacy [17 Mar 2004|09:22pm]

Who here likes E? Stupid question I guess but I just wanted to know if a lot of people take it away from the club atmosphere. I've had it a few times in my bedroom, with friends over, and it is the fucking schitt! The things you talk about and do.. it's great! I'm assuming that it's good in clubs too, but in the privacy of a bedroom with some friends.. it is awesome!
My feet melted into the floor! And my friend saw the TV sweat! Lol, anyways I'm outie.
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Far Out Trip [16 Feb 2004|02:18pm]

Rather than maximizing the dramatic potential by subtly forth escalations from normative thresholds, I’m going to jump us into the weird territory wherein subjectivity and dimensionality are reconciled, the high-inflationary period where space and time originally separate. This is the void realm of the ultimate reality of nothing. There is no space or time. Space is subjectivity and female. Time is dimensionality and is male. But separate they are not eternal, and neither is their very separation which is distinction, the basic cognitive constructive act. Ancient spiritual traditions not confined to humanity have existed even before life in this universe. The signal, motive and will of any autopoietic form, any cognitive captured creator, any creature is return or re-entry of its form into the unmarked state, formless space but ultimately nothing at all. It is in fact the ancient duality of yin and yang wherein the force is profound dramatic potential, reconciliation is intercourse, profound in any domain. Of course the force is organic, even personal, even sexual, as organisms are, as people do.

It is from this base and case that our course begins. I’m your captain and game show host. Our variegated field trip is one of reading the context, reading this text, and venturing to new semantic domains. Our train departed consensual paradigms and syntagms since the start. Our first destination is the most apparent, the archetypal first destination, the first distinction. The first distinction is described as the infinitesimal point, ever shrinking singularity. In physical space it is the most dramatic black hole, and in life it is death. In action it is the end and in the spirituality game it is called Samadhi.

The first distinction operates in two manners to bring forth the appearance of dimensionality and world. Mathematician and successor to Sakyamuni Buddha, George Spencer-Brown expressed these two laws of form mathematically as the calling and crossing of self-reference, of the first distinction. Self-reference and hetero-reference then oscillate and create time as we experience it, relative to our autopoietic or significant form.

Presently constrained to microbiology, signal transduction is the simple autopoietic (self-creating) process (of, take, a cell or microbe) producing self-reference in a basic cognitive act of distinction, in semiotic terms, “signification.” Signification deals with the dynamics of distinction. Francis Heyleghen of the University of Brussels in Belgium (though note his cybernetic authority on the Internet) wrote an influential article called “Distinction Dynamics” cementing Spencer-Brown’s notation to cognitive representation and autopoietic programming or artificial intelligence. Autopoietic Theory as originally and formally intended by Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela who coined the term, makes use of the precision afforded by Spencer-Brown’s calculus of indications (the Laws of Form) by writing an “Extended Calculus of Indications,” shortened to ECI by president of the US cybernetic association Dr. Randy Whittaker in his “Encyclopedia Autopoietica” on the Internet. Dr Whittaker is however biased toward Maturana and Varela’s autopoietic theory in addition to disliking German sociologist Niklas Luhmann’s claim that society is autopoietic. Spencer-Brown’s judgment on the ECI is that it is ridiculous and misses the point of his opus entirely. And regarding Luhmann, Spencer-Brown was naturally impressed since Luhmann’s “Theories of Distinction” expresses much influence by Spencer-Brown. Anything apart from the one point misses it entirely and is what Gotthard Gunther called “polycontexturality” which is what Franklin Merrell Wolff called the “power of awareness as subject”, the first veil to his “Consciousness-without-an-object.” After the potential cases or frames, actual cases or frames appear as consciousness of objects. Such is signification or signal-transduction.

As the educated audience may intuit, these are the same archetypal forms Plato allegorized and their gestalt is audited as his “music of the spheres.” This music is as the subjective case “polycontexturality,” and as the dimensional course “polycontenturality” or grace. The course and case, signified by those long p-words, are the form and the frame. This is our third stop. From here space proceeds from grace, while time proceeds from the frame of reference, the case. Such is the emergence of space and time.

Earthly life signals space and time parameters of four dimensions and eleven quantum dimensions. And so human signals are transduced even more specifically and consensually, more relatively and relevantly. Our cognitive system’s bifurcation points, our basic human parameters are defined very precisely, in regards to distinction, in cybernetic and semiotic context by our autopoietic form. As a result, the archetypal conceptual human consensus forms and frames can be thought as autopoietic scenes and stages. Such is the thesis of my “Autopoietic Dramaturgy.” The human courses and cases are scenes and stages of recognizing latent profundity or dramatic potential. Sociologist Erving Goffman who coined dramaturgy also wrote “Frame Analysis: An Essay on the Organization of Experience” punctuating the use of frame in reference to reference.
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